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The wheels of any vehicle are of paramount importance to its safety, fuel efficiency, as well as for maintaining its engine health. If you are a vehicle owner who wants to prolong the longevity and extend the value of your vehicle, taking care of the wheels is one of the most important things to do.

So how do you keep the wheels of your car in top condition? We’ve compiled a list of a few easy but productive tips that should be helpful in maintaining your car wheels.

Always maintain the recommended tire pressure

The right tire pressure will improve the durability of your car’s wheels mainly because the car’s engine will extract better mileage.. Optimally-inflated wheels ensure better grip on the road, better car control and better safety on road while driving. Especially when planning long trips, don’t miss checking the tire pressure. Regular check up will maintain your wheels and ensure better fuel efficiency as well.

How do you know what the optimal pressure for your vehicle is? Check your owner’s manual or the placard that is glued on your car’s door frame. Simply read and apply!

Check your tire tread

The thread depth of the new wheels is about 8-9 mm. With regular wear and tear the tread depth turns into half of its initial depth. Keep an eye on the deterioration levels through regular inspection and diligent wheel care. Uneven wear of the wheels is an alarming factor as it causes incorrect inflation or some problem of alignment in the wheels.

A way to check the tire thread is to hold the steering wheel and watch for vibration. If you are feeling even a slight vibration your wheels may be out of balance or the tire treads are damaged.

Rotate the tires

Rotate the tires every 5000 to 8000kms . This is a handy and extremely effective way to enjoy longer tread life as well as wheel health. Also, avoid overloading of your vehicle whenever possible. Overloading induces problem in tire strength, which mostly hampers and damages car balance. Rotating your wheels frequently will improve your wheels’ stability as well as overall condition.

Here are a few suggestions and tips on how to better maintain the strength of your tires so you keep them much longer:

- Don’t mix tires from different brands on the same vehicle

- Do not use hard breaks unless in an emergency as it hampers tire health

- Avoid fast acceleration as it damages tires and reduces overall wheel performance

- If you drive on uneven or bad roads on a regular basis, check your wheel alignment as it can hamper tire mileage up to 30%.

Keeping your wheels hale and hearty doesn’t have to be an ordeal, here are few best practices that should help in keeping your tires in pristine condition:

- Check your wheels for regular wear and tear

- Keep your brake pads clean

- Wash the tires regularly

- Clean the tires with plain water to check the actual tire condition.

These are some of the quintessential tips for keeping your vehicle’s wheels in top condition. Did you find these helpful? share with someone who may benefit from this list as well.

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